Valorem Recruitment

The integrity of Valorem Recruitment resides in its structures and standards including its people, its strategic partnerships, and its systems, which will collectively and ultimately determine the quality of our candidates and services rendered.


Valorem Recruitment renders a variety of products and services for clients and candidates. The client will benefit by the efficient delivery of:

Effective and customized recruitment solutions that embrace the company’s expectations, culture and vision.
Best recruitment and placement services taking all legal and ethical requirements into account.
Suitable candidates for a variety of working environments.
Services of specialized recruitment consultants.
Permanent and temporary employees.
Pre-screening and Interview services.
Documented client specifications.
Candidates to interview, following the receipt of the client specifications.
Flexible and statutory employment contracts.
Competitive fees.
Reference checks & verification of qualifications.
Credit checks.
Psychometric testing
An extensive candidate database
Collection and processing of documentation
The continuously monitoring and reviewing of the performance of our staff placements
Various resources to expedite communication
Management consultancy services (Organizational restructuring, Design and Evaluation of key portfolios, Industry compensation and benefits to retain personnel)
Support for future staff solution requirements and an on-going and long standing relationship with our clients.



The candidate will benefit by the provision of:

1. Objective career advice. A platform for career path development.

2. Telephone evaluations, interviews, background checks and skills assessment to match the correct candidates to the needs of the client.

3. Constant and effective communication. Accurate and effective monitoring and control of the recruitment process.

4. Personal attention and professionalism.

A successful integration within the workplace

Valorem Recruitment follows a pro-active research to build a talent group of the best suitable candidates. Valorem Recruitment subscribes to live internet database hosting over 2 500 000 active job seekers nationwide and internationally. We maintain a sourcing network through relationships with key professionals in relevant industries. Our in-house database boasts the personal details of approximately 6500 fully qualified candidates and over 30 000 key professionals.


We have teams specializing in the following industries:

  • Technical and Engineering.
  • Banking and Cash Management Services.
  • Finance and Administration.
  • Retail and Wholesale.
  • Government and Parastatal.