Valorem Personnel

Our team of expert consultants comprises specialists in labour relations, labour law, payroll and human resource administration. First and foremost they are labour experts applying their skills and expertise in managing their own staff in the most efficient and cost effective manner.

By establishing a strategic partnership with our clients, we ensure that the best possible Human Resources Strategies are deployed within the client’s organization. In this regard Valorem performs a comprehensive analysis on staffing needs in our client’s business process. We determine what the optimum staffing levels should be at any given time of the business cycle, in order to verify the most efficient method of deploying human capital in our client’s business. In doing so, Valorem establishes a flexible staffing model which constantly will adjust itself in accordance with our clien’s operational needs. Previously fixed labour cost now becomes variable costs.

Valorem Personnel Services (Pty) Ltd utilizes the VIP Payroll and Human Resources system to provide a payroll administration service to clients. We administer and maintain the total payroll function on behalf of our clients, which may include but is not limited to the following services:

  • Preparation of earnings and deduction reports
  • ACB transfers, bank deposits of salaries
  • Payment of statutory deductions
  • Reconciliation of monthly pay-outs
  • Liaison with medical aids, pension funds etc.
  • Annual reconciliation; and
  • Handling of pay- related queries